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Check out the The Yuckiest Site on the Internet at
    Fisher-Price.  Not only can you check out the latest toys, you can also sign up for an email newsletter that gives parenting tips and developmental activities that are age-appropriate for your kids.
    Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays. This site offers the histories and Messianic significance of Hebrew holidays such as Passover and Yom Kippur.
    Best of the Christian Web. Provides links to tons of Christian sites for Bible study, publications, and more.
    Eager Readers. Need age-appropriate books for your kids? This site recommends more than 800 books listed by category and reading level.
    Family Education. This site includes parenting tips, Q & A with experts, and articles pertaining to various parenting topics, especially education.

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    Check out the awards that kids health has received by connecting to
    The site of Family Fun Magazine. Here you will find all kinds of great ideas for families including crafts, games, and many, many things that families can do together.
    Search Institute sees families as asset Builders. Search Institute's framework of developmental assets offers families a concrete, sensible perspective for thinking about parenting and family life. Rather than offering a laundry list of "stuff you should do," the asset-building approach offers perspectives and priorities to help shape family life and parenting priorities.
    An asset-building approach to parenting has many benefits. Instead of focusing on problems, the asset-building approach offers a positive approach to parenting.
    There are many things families can do to build assets in their children and adolescents. Some of those things "just come naturally," while others need to be intentional.
    This site is sponsored by the American Library Association and provides lists of award winning books and materials for children and teens plus a librarians guide to cyber space.

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