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“Center for the study of why everything you thought was good for you is now bad for you."

These cartoons do not originate with me.    
I am using cartoons that are made available from a number of different web sites

Communication Resources:  http://churchartonline.com
Christianity Today: http://www.christianitytoday.com/bcl/features/cartoons/

Here are several funny and therapeutical sites for humor that you might find helpful. LRS

http://www.glasbergen.com http://flowgo.com/ Thought for the Day, Daniel Galvin <dan-galvin@oldschool.tamu.edu>
http://graceland.gentle.org/index.html Docs Daily Chuckle <pkaine@roadrunner.com> http://www.aath.org/readlist_1.html
http://www.thedoormagazine.com/ Mikey's Funnies <funnies-owner@lists.MikeysFunnies.com> Pastor Tim <posts@cybersaltlists.org>
The Good, Clean Funnies List <gcfl-info@gcfl.net> ArcaMax Jokes <ezines@arcamax.com> The Good, Clean Funnies List <gcfl-info@gcfl.net>

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