and Anniversaries

Andrews, Baars, Cawkins, Dittmar, Duchow, Klintworth, Mareno, Shultz, Smith, Miller
Birthdays and Anniversaries are in order by date.

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January 2

Cawkins, Lora M.

January 3

Klintworth, Danissa

January 30

Shultz, Helga M.

February 2

Shultz II, Leslie R.

February 6

Cawkins, Bruce
March 11 Shultz Moreno, Julian James

April 1

Andrews, Arthur E.
April 8 Klintworth, Cody
April 13 Klintworth, Makai Maurice

April 19

Baars Shultz, Rebecca
May 5 Baars, Wyatt

May 15

Andrews, Susan

June 1

Shultz IV, Leslie R.

June 6

Dittmar, Hans M.

June 6

Miller, Karin D.

June 17

Smith, Carol A.

June 29

Cawkins, Keegan M.

June 29

Duchow, Connor

July 6

Dittmar, Mary

July 8

Shultz, Debra A.
August 14 Duchow, Julia

August 30

Miller, Caitlin R.

August 30

Shultz, Betty

September 4

Shultz, David R.
September 9 Klintworth, Evea Marie

September 15

Duchow, Kurt
October 15 Baars, Elias Russell

October 25

Shultz, Leeanna

November 3

Shultz III, Leslie R.
December 2 Klintworth, Canaan Re

December 6

Cawkins, Madeline
December 17 Baars, Ravenna Jeanne

December 27

Andrews, Jr., Earle F.



December 21 Wyatt and Rebecca Baars

December 23

Bruce & Lora Cawkins

March  31

David and Betty Shultz

April 11

Earle and Susan Andrews

June 7

Leslie & Debra Shultz
July 7 Cody & Danissa Klintworth
July 23 Kurt and Julia Duchow

September 29

Leslie & Helga Shultz

October 4

Hans & Mary Dittmar

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