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Welcome to the Arena Congregational Church
Wedding Home Page

As the Pastor of the Arena Congregational Church I am here to help you in planning your wedding so that it may be one that is satisfying, rewarding and comfortable.

Below is a listing of information sheets and forms that are available for you to help in the necessary preparation.

Please take the time to examine them and include the information on your Wedding Information Form so that I may be fully prepared to conduct your wedding.

Thank You,
Pastor Shultz

If you have questions you may e-mail me at les@lesandhelga.com

General Information Forms and Pages

The Wedding Policy of the Arena Congregational Church

The Wedding Information Form

Suggested Order of Service for a Wedding in a Church

Suggested Scripture Readings for a Wedding

Suggested Music for A Wedding

Suggested Wedding Vows

Duties of Ushers

Instructions to Guests

Counseling Forms (You can fill in the information as send it to me for confirmation or clarification. It works best if you take them in the order in which they are listed below. the Pre-Marital Inventory is probably the most important.)

Pre-Marital Inventory

Love and Marriage (A study of the biblical passages which speak of love, what it is, and how it is applied. This is a very important worksheet to understanding the basic principles of marriage relationships.

Developing Communications Skills

24 Ways to Better Communication for Couples (From time to time it is well to review some of the principles of good communication. 24 Ways to Better Communication for Couples summarizes suggestions that have appeared in various journals and books. These suggestions will help you evaluate and improve your communication skills.

Inventory of Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes

More pages will be included here as soon as they are completed and posted.

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