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  1. Ushers ought to be at the church (or place of the wedding) about 1 hour before the wedding is to begin.
  2. Seat the guests as they arrive, asking if they are friends of the Bride or the Groom.
  3. Seat no one in the first pew of the church.
  4. The Bride's guests are seated on the left side of the sanctuary (as you are looking from the back). The Groom's guests are seated on the right.
  5. Reserve a row or number rows for the Bride's and Groom's family. (The family can inform you of the number of rows to reserve.)
  6. The Bride's and Groom's parents sit next to the aisle in the second row.
  7. Grandparents are seated in the same row next to the parents of the Bride and Groom.
  8. If one side, because of more guests, is filling up more than the other, use your discretion in evening up the seating so that all may be as close to the front as is possible.
  9. About 2 minutes before the ceremony is to begin seat in order the Bride's grandparents, then the Groom's grandparents (if not already seated), and the parents of the Groom.
  10. About 1 minute before the ceremony is to being seat the mother of the Bride.
  11. If one is being used, very carefully unroll the aisle runner, keeping it flat and even in the middle of the aisle.
  12. After the service usher out the
    1. Bride's parents.
    2. Groom's parents.
    3. The Grandparents
    4. The rest of the guests.
    5. Usher out the guests by standing in the center aisle and indicating to the people when they can leave.

  13. With weddings during inclement weather, the receiving line will be in the back of the sanctuary. It is better for the guests to remain seated, rather than to crowd the aisle.

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