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As the pastor of the Arena Congregational Church and the Officiant at your wedding, I stand ready to help you in the planning and realization of your marriage. I have conducted many marriages and am quite familiar with most of the aspects of wedding planning.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions that you might have that will help you develop the confidence and expertise you need to plan your wedding.

Here are a few simple policy statements and guidelines and that will help you with the planning of your wedding at the Arena Congregational Church. it is to be understood that if you choose to have your Wedding Service at a place other than the church much of what is below may not apply. In that case please consult with the pastor.

  1. The officiating pastor shall be the pastor of the church or a pastor who complies with the wedding policies of this church.

  2. The church's policy is that each couple must attend pre-marital counseling at the pastors discretion. In the case of another pastor officiating at a wedding at the Arena Congregational Church there are two criteria that must be met:

  3. Permission by the seated pastor must be obtained and he/she shall be asked to participate in the service.

  1. The pastor officiating at a wedding from another church will provide, if possible, evidence of at least one session of the marital counseling.

  1. Some premarital counseling is required. The materials that are used include:

These materials are used to provide opportunities to explore an individual's understanding and readiness for marriage. Depending on the situation and experience of the bride and groom, not all the worksheets may be used. All information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

  1. The final consent to marriage will be given by the pastor in conjunction with the Governing Board.

  2. The church's policy is that an usher or a designated person from the church shall be present at the wedding ceremony.

  1. It is strongly recommend that an aisle runner not be used. All aisle runners, sold by a florist, are usually made of plastic (even the ones advertised as cloth, unless it is cloth). They do not lay well on the carpet, can be easily punctured with a small heel, and can be a hazard for both the guests and the wedding party.

  2. There are no restrictions on music. You are encouraged to use music that is in good taste and appropriate for a Christian wedding. The pastor reserves the right to recommend that a particular piece of music not be used.

  3. There is to be NO SMOKING by the wedding party and guests in any part of the church building or grounds.

  4. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES in any form are to be served on the church property.

  5. All food and non-alcoholic (no alcoholic beverages are allowed inside the building) beverages should be consumed in the lounge or in one of the rooms on the lower level. No food or beverages are allowed in the sanctuary.

  6. The church cannot be held responsible for belongings left by those visiting or using the church facilities.

  7. No THROWING OF RICE OR BIRDSEED  on the church property.

  8. Decorations can be applied only with non-staining adhesives (Masking tape seem to work well). All decorations must be removed at the end of the function.

  1. Cost of Weddings




Building Use



Pastor's Honorarium









  1. One check for the building use costs should be made out to the Arena Congregational Church.

  2. A check for the Pastor's honorarium should be made out to Leslie R. Shultz 

  3. The Organist/Pianist will receive $75.00 to be paid directly to her/him.

  4. Honorariums for the soloist or other musicians should be negotiated directly with the individual or group and the check made out to him/her/them.

All other fees are to be paid to the Financial Secretary upon acceptance of the reservation. A check may be made out to Arena Congregational Church and noted what it is to cover.

This document becomes valid only when you have checked the "Yes" box, and your  name(s) are filled in the "Submitted by" box below. So it is vital that you fill in the following information and submit it to the pastor. Thank you very much!

I/We have read The Arena Congregational Church Wedding Policy and agree to the provisions that it contains:

: Yes:


If you do not agree with the provisions of the Policy, Please contact me as soon as you can so we can discuss your concerns and if possible come to some compromise.

Submitted by:



Phone No.:

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