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You have been invited to be present at a Christian Marriage. This is one of the happiest, holiest and most solemn hours that the Bride and Groom will ever experience. You are their guest, and the guest of the church.

You are also a fellow worshiper. The service of marriage is a worship service. It is a time when prayers are offered, vows are made, symbols are exchanged, and a blessing is given. As you join in this act of worship, breathe a prayer to your God asking a blessing for the Bride and Groom. May your prayer also include a blessing for yourself.

Please, do not take flash photographs during the service, that is. after the processional and before the recessional.

If you have rice confetti or bird seed, please use them outside the building in a way in which they will not be tracked in on the carpeting. This will help us prepare for worship on Sunday.

May you find enjoyment and personal fulfillment in this time together.

Thank you for your cooperation

Pastor Shultz