Funeral Policy
Arena Congregational Church

A death in the family or of a friend is a time for the expression of feelings of loss and grief. It is a time when families may not be prepared to act in deciding what needs to be done or how to do it. The pressure is to create a plan for fulfilling the desires of the deceased, determining the location and purpose of the funeral/memorial service, and the internment that must be made and implemented. It is at this time in your life that the Pastor and the Church are ready to provide the support and assistance that you may require. To help you the Governing has established this Funeral Policy.

Family and friends are encouraged to have the funeral or memorial service in the church. No matter how strong or tenuous our connections to the church the sanctuary is the place where we encounter our God.

For this reason, first of all, a funeral or memorial service is a service of worship. We sing the familiar songs of our faith. We read scripture readings that bring comfort and support. We offer prayers to a loving God who encourages and supports us. The family will be consulted concerning all parts of the funeral or memorial service. This service is for you. You pick the songs and scriptures that are the most comforting for you.

The funeral service is also provides us with the time to remember the one who has died. We celebrate the life of the individual and the contributions that have been made to our lives and the wider community of which we are a part.

Usually a worship folder is created from the information that is supplied so that family and guests may sensitively follow the order of service. There is no charge for the creation of the funeral/memorial folder. Information ought to be received in time for the creation of this folder.

It is anticipated that the Pastor of the Arena Congregational Church will conduct the service. Family members and friends are encouraged to participate. This makes the service more meaningful. If there is another Pastor that the family would like to participate arrangements can be made in consultation with the church’s pastor.

The fellowship hall may be used for a meal following the service or internment. The Missionary Volunteers are not able, at the present time, to provide the meal. We recommend that if you are going to have a meal that Grandma Mary’s, or another catering service be contacted to cater the food.

The Governing Board has established the following fee schedule for funerals. These fees enable us to maintain a clean and welcoming place for you.

If the fees are to be paid privately, the checks ought to be made out to the individual in their name. The check for the use of the building is made out to Arena Congregational Church. You may give the checks to the Pastor who will see that they are given to the proper people. If fees are to be paid by the Funeral Director he/she will take care of this.


Active Members
and Friends

Inactive or Non-Members


Honorarium provided by Funeral Director or $150




Use of Sanctuary

No Charge


Use of Fellowship Hall

No Charge




Included in the above.


The Family will make arrangements


No Charge

No Charge

Our purpose and role is to make this trying time as comforting and stress-free as is possible. After care to provide support to the family or friends is available. If this is something that you would appreciate, please consult with the Pastor, and an appointment will be made to visit with you.

The Governing Board of the Arena Congregational Church